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When you become our client, we are fully dedicated to you, your future, and your health. We make sure you’re educated about the process and what to expect, and we are always available to you. The challenges that come with a serious injury affect your ability to work, enjoy your life and family, and forever change your hopes and dreams. We understand.

What makes The Swanson Law Group different?

While there are many talented lawyers in California, our team at The Swanson Law Group takes a different approach to personal injury law. Most people, including attorneys, want to fit in with the group. We definitely do not have that problem. If you want to achieve uncommon results, you need a unique attorney. We take care of our clients and we take down insurance companies — and when you work with us, you become part of a winning team. Check out our case results to see what our unrelenting justice has achieved in the past.

What we do: Our roadmap to success

At The Swanson Law Group, we have achieved remarkable success for the people we’ve served. While we are proud of our impressive record, it’s because we are each driven by a passion for justice — particularly those who are being bullied by an insurance company. We love to take those companies down in a big way. 

Our process moves through several steps:

Step one: A free consultation

Your first step is a free initial consultation where you can get honest answers. If you decide you want us to represent you, we will immediately get to work.

Step two: We take care of all the communication with insurance companies

Rather than hoping an insurance company will understand the challenges you’re facing after an accident, let us take them on. You won’t need to worry about saying the wrong thing or making a mistake. When we take on a case, we send a letter to the insurance company to inform them that we are representing you, and that means they can no longer contact you directly. If they try to contact you, just tell them to “call my lawyer” and hang up. Don’t engage with them.

Why is this important? Because our approach is to protect you from falling prey to the insurance company strategies they use to reduce the value of your claim. We want you to get every cent that you deserve. We make filing a claim a stress-free journey so you can focus on recovering your health and rebuilding your life.

Step three: We help you get medical care and treatment

We give you access to our network of excellent physicians and specialists who provide medical services to our clients. These medical professionals administer care and defer payment until the case is resolved. They not only provide the essential medical care you need, but are also powerful advocates when an insurance company claims that your injuries are not serious — a strategy they use to pay out less. 

Step four: We launch an investigation into the facts

Our process includes a full investigation into the accident or incident that injured you. You may not remember what happened yourself, or why. We get answers through gathering every piece of evidence available. Even in cases in which an insurance company claims you were at fault, they may be wrong. Our investigations often reveal new facts that allow our clients to recover the compensation they need to rebuild their life. 

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Step five: How much is a case worth? 

After a serious injury, your life may never be as it was. Not only are you facing financial ruin with medical bills you could never hope to pay off, but other bills are piling up, you may be unable to earn a living, and your future may look hopeless.

The pain of the injuries goes beyond the physical. The emotional toll is extreme. The value of a healthy, happy life is immeasurable, and we do all we can to pursue the full value of your losses —both financially and emotionally.

To achieve a fair settlement, we list every financial loss associated with the accident including medical bills, the ambulance, surgeries, medications, the estimated cost of future medical care, transportation, lost wages, lost earning capacity, nursing care, rehabilitation costs, property damage, pain and suffering, and the emotional anguish you experienced. We call upon respected medical and financial experts to assist in assessing the full value of a claim or lawsuit. We speak extensively with our clients to understand the full impact on quality of life.

Step six: We craft a powerful case

Every case we take on is prepared for trial, although many cases are settled before filing a lawsuit is necessary. When an injury case is presented with full supporting evidence and facts, the insurance company gets nervous, as well they should. If the case does goes to a jury, the sympathy will lie with the victim — not with an insurance company that wants to pay less than they should or their well-paid defense lawyers. 

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Step seven: The negotiations for a settlement begin

Our extensive, thorough case preparation sets the stage for a successful settlement negotiation. The insurance company reviews our submission and often makes the smart decision to offer a fair settlement. The insurance company will review the success rate of The Swanson Law Group, and may decide the risks of taking the case to a jury are too high. At this point, they will usually offer a fair settlement. If they don’t, we’re prepared to take the case to court.

Step eight: We go to trial

If an insurance company does not make a fair settlement offer, we increase the pressure by filing a lawsuit. Our trial lawyers are prepared, persuasive, and powerful. We tell a compelling story of what happened to you, fully supported by evidence and witness testimony. At any point during the trial process, the insurance company may make a U-turn and finally offer a fair settlement — or they may believe they will prevail, only to lose with a substantial jury award. We are proud to have achieved multi-million dollar verdicts in court.

Step nine: We are with you for every step of the journey

Once your personal injury case is resolved and you have access to the financial support you need to rebuild your life, we aid, provide resources, and counsel to help you make good decisions about planning for the future. Seeking justice and full compensation can be a long and challenging journey, but our team at The Swanson Law Group stands with you from start to finish. 

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