Dangerous Roads in San Jose: High Collision Zones

These collisions occur in many locations in the San Jose area, including the 101, Mclaughlin Avenue, the Almaden Expressway, Capitol Expressway, Blossom Hill Road, Tully Road, Senter Road, King Road, Monterey Road, and many other dangerous roads. However, these accidents can occur anywhere and are often deadly, causing fatal injuries or leaving drivers and passengers with life-changing injuries. 

The Swanson Law Group: Not your average personal injury law firm

When you collaborate with our car accident lawyers in San Jose at The Swanson Law Group, you will feel the difference immediately. We are not your average personal injury law firm. We are a progressive law firm focused on ensuring our clients can undergo the medical treatments they need while we negotiate a settlement, and we don’t compromise. Many law firms may send you to a chiropractor for treatment and then advise you to accept the first settlement offer. That is not how we work. Attorneys need to stop looking for shortcuts. Most of them have no idea that an insurance policy can be opened and that the insurance company will eventually pay full value.

We won’t let the insurance company take advantage of you

Our process involves a full evaluation of the damages and taking down the insurance company that wants to pay less than our client deserves. Read our insurance letters to see how differently we approach insurance companies. We don’t let them take advantage of our clients. Here’s an excerpt:

“Got your letter. Your company has had more than enough information to reasonably determine that the value of this case far exceeds the available policy limits of your insured. Attached are my last two one-level fusion surgery cases that the carriers allowed to go to a jury. Neither case had a wage-loss component and both verdicts were over 3.8M. This letter will serve as my client’s final policy-limits demand. It expires in 15 days. I appreciate that we live in different spheres. One of the habits that most carriers develop is to undervalue cases until it is too late. Capitalizing on this mistake has allowed me to obtain financial freedom. Attached is a good illustration. Lauren is now dealing with a neck fusion case. My opening demand at mediation next month will be $7.5M. Will you be the latest Lauren? Fail to meet my demand if you wish to find out.”

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Who is liable? We will get to the bottom of it

In a multi-car accident, determining liability is more complex. Which vehicle operator made an error? What was the initial cause of the collision? A full accident investigation is necessary. While the police perform these investigations and issue an accident report, we may perform our own investigation when necessary.

More than one driver may have liability. Even if you are named as the at-fault driver, there may be more to the case than the accident report discovers. Our approach in an investigation is so thorough that we have often recovered compensation for drivers who were initially named as the at-fault driver! 

Types of damages: What is your case worth in a settlement?

Insurance companies try to pay out as little as possible. No matter how friendly an insurance company adjuster may sound, you need to be aware that they want to pay you less than you deserve. We evaluate every type of damage that could be pursued and demand fair treatment for the people we represent. The damages in a settlement must include:

  • Financial losses: The actual economic damages can include the cost of medical care (now and estimated for the future), transportation, nursing care, rehabilitation, lost wages (now and future), medications, and other actual costs associated with injuries.
  • Non-economic losses: These damages are often the largest portion of a settlement. Damages such as pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and changes in ability are emotionally devastating, and must be valued appropriately.

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We invite you to call or meet with us at The Swanson Law Group for a free case consultation. We offer honest answers and absolutely no pressure to hire us. Our core values are client service, empathy, resolve, team, and results. We take on cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you will owe us no legal fees unless we successfully recover compensation for you. 

Before our clients meet with us, they often feel anxiety or fear about the future. They feel alone and backed up against the wall by a bully who has unlimited resources. After we step in, our clients have hope and feel like they’re a part of a winning team. It is now the insurance company or corporation that starts getting nervous. We are the light at the end of the tunnel.

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