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Drivers of cars, SUVs, vans, and commercial trucks may fail to observe a rider in the next lane, at an intersection, or when merging, which can cause a catastrophic injury. The insurance company may try to assert that the rider was at fault and deny a claim or reduce the value of a settlement.

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After a motorcycle accident, a rider can be left in a very serious medical condition and may be unable to work or perform normal daily tasks. At The Swanson Law Group, we have a network of excellent physicians and specialists who can provide the treatments needed and defer payment until the case is settled. We offer our clients money up front so they can survive while waiting for the case to resolve. Your health is of utmost importance to your future, and we take it seriously.

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Our founder, attorney Ben Swanson, has faced health challenges himself and he has transformed his experience into a superpower he uses to help his clients. Along with his personable and talented legal team of Zaneta Conroy, Esq., Greg Schaffer, Esq., Ethan Niedermeyer, Esq., and the entire support staff at the firm, every strategy is employed to pursue justice and fair compensation.

You can read about our case results, and here are just a few examples:

  • $380,000: Motorcycle accident
  • $8,870,000: Vehicle accident
  • $5,000,000: Vehicle accident
  • $1,230,000: Motorcycle accident

We cannot promise results like these, as every case is different. However, our motorcycle accident lawyers in San Jose can promise to do everything possible to negotiate a fair settlement. If the insurance company fails to make a fair offer, we will increase pressure by taking the case to a jury to decide. We invite you to review our insurance letters to get an idea of our unique and uncompromising approach.

Types of injuries in motorcycle accidents in San Jose

The injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident are typically very serious. The rider has little protection and if the motorcycle is hit by a vehicle, the rider is thrown violently onto the roadway. The impact with the pavement can result in very severe injuries or loss of life. Some of the most common types of injuries include:

  • Spinal cord injuries: These injuries may lead to a lifetime of challenges, with the rider living with paraplegia or quadriplegia. These injuries require long-term medical care and treatment and total changes to lifestyle and ability to work, along with pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and emotional anguish.
  • TBI (traumatic brain injuries): Even when wearing a helmet, a brain injury can occur when the rider is thrown onto the pavement. A TBI is one of the most difficult to treat or predict how much the victim will recover and how long it may take. These injuries can lead to a lifetime of physical, cognitive, and emotional impairments.
  • Broken bones: The impact with the pavement is often so forceful that bones of the arms, hands, legs, or torso break — often seriously — and may require a series of surgeries to attempt to repair.
  • Internal injuries: A rider thrown onto the roadway is subject to secondary impacts from other moving vehicles and the force of the impact on the pavement. This can result in internal injuries, organ damage, and other very serious or catastrophic injuries.
  • Head and neck injuries: The head and neck may impact the roadway in a collision with a vehicle, leading to very serious and painful injuries that require surgical intervention.
  • Back injuries: A rider that impacts the pavement on their back can sustain bone, muscle, and tendon damage that is very difficult to treat. These injuries often require many months of rehabilitation and can result in long-term pain and suffering, which affects every area of life.
  • Severe soft tissue injuries (road rash): When a body hits the pavement, it’s in motion. The movement along a rough road surface causes “road rash” (severe skin damage). The dirt, grit, and other substances embedded in the skin cause serious infections, making these injuries very difficult to treat and possibly leaving the individual disfigured.
  • Lacerations: Lacerations are skin wounds that have torn the skin. Treating these injuries often leaves a painful, disfiguring scar.
  • Joint injuries (hand, wrist, hip, knee, shoulder): It is common for a rider to suffer damaged joints in a motorcycle accident. The impact on the roadway is so powerful that the knee, hips, wrist, hand, or shoulder can be seriously injured and may require advanced surgery to attempt to correct.
  • Amputations: A limb can be so dramatically injured that it cannot be repaired and must be removed, forever changing the life of the injured rider.
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What vehicle drivers can do wrong

The driver of a vehicle is often found to have caused a serious or fatal motorcycle accident. The types of driver errors that lead to these deadly accidents include:

  • Speeding: A driver who violates the posted speed limit may impact a motorcyclist due to excessive speed and the inability to stop and avoid an impact.
  • Drunk driver: An intoxicated driver makes poor decisions and has reduced awareness. When behind the wheel, drunk drivers can hit a motorcyclist who is sharing the road, leaving them seriously, catastrophically, or fatally injured.
  • Distracted driver: Drivers are often guilty of driving distracted by chatting with passengers, talking on the phone, or reading and answering texts or emails. Any time a vehicle operator takes their eyes off the road, the risks are high — particularly for any motorcyclist who may be in an adjoining lane or ahead.
  • Lane violations: In California, lane-splitting is legal but requires drivers to be aware when a motorcyclist is passing between lines of slow traffic. When changing lanes, drivers may not notice a motorcyclist in an adjoining lane and they may hit them, causing a serious or fatal accident.
  • Right-of-way violations: A motorcyclist has the same rights as any other vehicle operator. When reaching an intersection to turn left, a vehicle driver may fail to observe the rider, hitting them as they turn.
  • Rear-end collisions: A common type of motorcycle accident occurs when a rider is stopped at a red light or stop sign and the driver hits them from behind.

We have the top motorcycle accident attorneys in San Jose who are well versed in handling these claims and it is their sole priority to get you what is right. 

Why choose The Swanson Law Group?

Every law firm is different in talent and philosophy. Some personal injury lawyers are looking for a fast settlement, but that is not the case at The Swanson Law Group. Our team of trial lawyers prepares every case for trial. We are relentless in the pursuit of justice for the people we serve. We focus our legal work on assisting the Hispanic community, as this group is often the target of unfair treatment by insurance companies. We greatly respect the values of the Hispanic community, and we do everything in our power to fight back against the insurance companies. Our goal: To help our clients live the best lives possible after a serious motorcycle accident. We offer a free case consultation and take all cases on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no fees unless we win. Call us today.

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