When hit by another vehicle, the motorcyclist is thrown from the bike onto the road surface, and may be subjected to secondary impacts from other vehicles. The impact is so sudden and severe that the injuries sustained are frequently catastrophic or fatal. Riders must maintain a high level of awareness when operating a motorcycle and always be on guard. 

Staying safe on the road: Tips for riders in San Jose

These safety tips can help you avoid the risk of serious or fatal injuries:

Wear a helmet.

While riding a motorcycle in California, you must wear a state-approved helmet. A helmet is the single piece of equipment that stands between you and permanent brain damage, or worse. Always wear a helmet, whether you’re on city streets, the freeway, or off-road.

Keep your bike well maintained.

Perform a thorough safety check of your motorcycle before you take to the road. Check the brakes, tires, and other systems to ensure all is in working order. If your tires are worn, get them replaced immediately.

Drive defensively.

Even the safest motorcycle rider can encounter a negligent or reckless driver. Whether riding in lanes, lane-splitting, merging, turning, at a stop, or passing, be aware that many drivers change lanes without warning or fail to see a rider, or are driving drunk or drug-intoxicated.

Be alert for road hazards ahead.

Stay focused on the road ahead so you can avoid hitting any debris, flooded area, or damaged area of the road. Rather than talking on the phone, keep your focus on a safe ride.

Follow the rules of the road.

Because a motorcycle is much more nimble and easier to navigate than a car, you may be tempted to violate the law — but don’t. Ensure you adhere to the rules of the road, including stops and speed limits. After an accident, a rider may be accused of operating the motorcycle in an unsafe manner, so adhering to traffic laws is essential.

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The ideal law firm for motorcyclists in San Jose: The Swanson Law Group

At The Swanson Law Group, we have made it our mission to pursue compensation for injured motorcyclists. We have achieved many high-value settlements in motorcycle accident cases, including:

  • $8,870,000 verdict: Semi-truck accident
  • $6,250,000: Confidential personal injury settlement
  • $5,000,000: Vehicle accident 

While we can’t promise results, we can promise that when we take on a motorcycle accident injury case, we will fully investigate the facts in your case, identify the liable parties, and to pursue full and fair compensation vigorously and relentlessly. For uncommon results, you need a unique lawyer. Read some of our insurance letters to get an idea of how we operate with a no-compromise approach.

Our trial lawyers are advocates for injured riders

At The Swanson Law Group — the legal team of Zaneta Conroy, Esq., Greg Shaffer, Esq., Ethan Niedermeyer, Esq., and our founder, Ben Swanson — we are deeply committed to seeking justice for injured riders. We prepare every case for trial, and over our years in practice we have recovered over $100 million in damages for our clients.

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