Every year in the U.S., millions of people suffer sports injuries.

While some of these injuries occur as a direct result of risks inherent in the sport, such as pulling a muscle while running, others are due to negligence and were preventable. If you or your child has been seriously injured while playing a sport, you may have a claim for compensation if the risks were unreasonably increased by the actions of the responsible party.

How do you pursue compensation for a serious sports injury in San Jose?

After a severe sports injury caused by someone else’s negligence, your best course of action is to consult with an experienced San Jose personal injury attorney as soon as possible. At The Swanson Law Group, our personal injury lawyers in San Jose have recovered over $100 million for our injured clients. Our talented legal team will investigate your injury to determine liability and vigorously pursue all available forms of compensation. Through personal experience, we know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We can provide the know-how to get you through this difficult time. 

What are the most common types of sports injuries?

Statistics on U.S. sports injuries in 2020 have been provided by the Insurance Information Institute (III). The greatest numbers of injuries occurred in the following sports:

  • Bicycling: 425,910 
  • Exercise: 377,939
  • ATVs, mopeds, and minibikes: 229,974
  • Skateboards, hoverboards, and scooters: 217,646
  • Basketball: 214,847
  • Swimming: 129,708
  • Football: 122,181
  • Playground equipment: 120,829
  • Trampolines: 106,358
  • Soccer: 81,452
  • Baseball and softball: 70,209

How many watercraft sports accidents occur in California?

Boating activity and water sports increased significantly in 2020 because of the global pandemic. California ranked second in the nation for recreational watercraft sports accidents, surpassed only by Florida, as reported by III. A total of 493 boating accidents killed 39 people and injured 311. In 75% of these fatal watercraft accidents, the victims died by drowning. A person injured through negligence in a watercraft sports accident may be entitled to recover compensation from the responsible party.

How many injuries involve sports and recreational equipment?

In 2020, an estimated 2,700,988 injuries related to sports and recreational equipment occurred in the U.S., as stated by the National Safety Council (NSC). Equipment involved in these injuries included bicycles, exercise equipment, ATVs, skateboards, swimming pools, playground equipment, and many other products. The highest numbers of injuries were related to bicycles. California had 133 bicycle fatalities. The age group with the most injuries related to sports and recreational equipment was 25 to 64.

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What are the common causes of sports injuries due to negligence?

Many preventable injuries occur because of negligence on the part of facilities, organizations, or other parties. Common causes of sports injuries include:

  • Defective or malfunctioning gym or sports equipment
  • Improperly maintained equipment
  • Improper supervision
  • Negligent coaching
  • Lack of trained medical personnel
  • Lack of an emergency action plan
  • Failure to recognize heat exhaustion
  • Failure to remove hazards from the property
  • Negligence in guiding injured participants to appropriate medical care
  • Abuse and acts of violence

What about waivers of liability and assumption of risk?

In many cases, people participating in sports activities or athletic events are asked to sign waivers of liability to protect the organization from lawsuits. However, these waivers do not necessarily apply to every situation.

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The duty of care in sports injury cases

Facilities, organizations, and event organizers have a duty to conduct sports activities in a reasonably safe manner. There may have been a pre-existing dangerous condition or a party other than the organization that required the waiver may have been responsible. For example, if a sports injury was caused by defective equipment, the product manufacturer or seller may be liable for damages. 

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