If you or someone you love has been injured in a rollover truck accident, the injuries suffered can be life-changing.

The need for fair compensation is urgent. Injuries could require weeks, months, or years of medical treatment. The injured person may be unable to work and will be facing great personal challenges, with their quality of life changed forever. If this has happened to you or a family member, connect with The Swanson Law Group for a free case consultation.

What caused the rollover?

Before a big rig, 18-wheeler, tanker truck, or other large commercial vehicle rolls over, a driver may have made a serious error in judgment, or the vehicle safety systems may have been faulty. The causes behind a truck rollover include:

  • Faulty braking systems: A truck with malfunctioning brakes is far more likely to roll over as the driver attempts to bring the vehicle to a stop, is unable to do so, and swerves to attempt to avoid a collision. The sudden turn causes the truck to roll over.
  • Driver error: Truck drivers may make a critical error in operating a large commercial truck and could end up hitting a curb, swerving, or traveling too fast for road conditions.
  • Uneven load: A truck with an uneven load can become unbalanced on a curve or when making a turn.
  • Partially filled tanker: When only partially filled, a tanker moving liquid cargo causes the liquid to move from side to side, unbalancing the vehicle.
  • Distracted driving: A truck driver who is busy talking on the phone, texting, or adjusting in-vehicle systems may not notice stopped traffic ahead and may suddenly brake or make a rapid turn, causing a rollover.
  • A tired driver: Truck drivers need to deliver cargo on time. They may have gotten behind due to weather conditions and violated regulations regarding hours of service. A tired driver is prone to make errors and is more likely to cause a truck rollover.
  • A drunk or drug intoxicated driver: Some drivers take prescribed medications or consume recreational drugs, which can alter their perception, reduce awareness, and lead to serious driving errors.

Rollover truck accidents: A problem of epidemic proportions

The FSCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) reports that 5,237 trucks were involved in fatal collisions in a recent year, with 5,152 deaths. The agency reports that 78% of truck rollovers involved driver error. Cargo tank trucks are the most prone to rollover, and the condition of the vehicle contributes to this very serious problem. The FSCSA reports that 54% of tanker trucks that rolled over had brake defects.

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An attorney who personally understands the importance of health

After being involved in a truck rollover accident, an innocent person may be seriously or catastrophically injured. The future may seem hopeless, with every aspect of life changed forever. Attorney Ben Swanson, founder of The Swanson Law Group, has experienced serious health challenges himself.

As a person with Parkinson’s disease, he has transformed this experience into a superpower, as he deeply relates to those in pain who have suffered an illness or injury. His condition also allows him to personally understand how losing your health changes your life forever. Realizing the beauty of health drives him to fight even harder for his clients.

The ideal firm for a rollover truck accident in San Jose

The talented truck accident attorneys — Ben Swanson, Esq., Zaneta Conroy, Esq., and Greg Schaffer, Esq. — are caring, supportive, empathetic, service-oriented, and health-conscious when working with clients. However, they are relentless, dangerous, strategic, unstoppable, and fearsome when dealing with the insurance industry. Our firm proudly represents others who are being victimized or bullied by big insurance. The many high-value settlements and verdicts have led to us achieving justice for our injured clients. Here are just a few of the case results our firm has achieved: 

  • $8,870,000 verdict: Semi-truck accident
  • $6,250,000: Confidential personal injury settlement
  • $5,000,000: Vehicle accident 

Need help? Call us for a free consultation

If you or someone you love was injured in a rollover truck accident, we offer a free case consultation to assist you to get honest answers, with no obligation. When we take on a case, we provide legal counsel on a contingency fee basis. This means there are no fees unless we successfully recover compensation for you. 

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